Day 2 - recipe for a good night's sleep:

December 8 - Recipe for a good night's sleep: fly a redeye and get a total of about two hours sleep in short catnaps, get on a boat the next afternoon, have about five drinks, and then be gently rocked into a shallow coma. 

Weather was unsettled from earlier storms so we did a short jaunt across to Hope Town. Last time here, which was our first time, Ginny thought picking up a mooring ball meant going to the local hardware store. I explained that they are already there and we just have to tie onto one. So the method we improvised was to motor to the ball and then display sufficient incompetence to attract a passing dinghy who would pass our line through the eye on the ball and hand it back. Today we modified our system where Ginny got the line from the ball with the boat hook, I put the engines in neutral and sprinted down to the bow, got the line through and cleated it off. Hope Town harbour is on the crowded side and there's wind and current, so I don't recommend this method to others. We will fine-tune.

Had a late lunch at Harbour's Edge, spent a nice afternoon walking the little streets, a drink on the boat at sunset, dinner at Hope Town Lodge, and firmed up our plans to head south from here in the morning.