Day 3 - Tahiti Beach

December 9 - After listening to Cruiser's Net at 8:15 (68 on your vhf dial), we are another day or two from better conditions. We climbed the lighthouse, Ginny took a cool 360 video, then back to the boat where we headed out of the harbor and south, to howling winds dead on the bow. Perhaps, just as hotels in hot places try to save energy cost by setting their thermostats to read 10 degrees cooler than it really is, the charter companies set the wind gauges to read higher - I don't know - but I do know I was getting 40kts apparent as we headed south for all of about three a miles, before tucking into White Sound Harbour at the southern end of Elbow Cay. Got a nice end tie, but with blowing that hard straight off the dock, it was a challenge. I pivoted Callisto, which despite its size, maneuvers fabulously in tight quarters thanks to the twin engines, to get a stern line on then pivoted back using it as a spring and got the bow on. 

Walked down to beautiful Tahiti Beach - a sandbar that extends on the inside of the southern tip of Elbow Cay - and lounged for awhile, then walked back and had wine, cheese, salami and crackers on the boat.

Walked that evening to Abaco Inn as one last system moved in and through. Met a group of cruisers celebrating a 50th birthday who had the bar rocking, and met some cool people. Rain and wind was crazy in town and it was pitch dark walking the half mile back to the marina. Back on the boat I grilled steaks and veggies on the stern, baked potatoes, and we had a great meal.

Plan is to head south to Little Harbour tomorrow, southernmost point in Sea of Abaco and home of Pete's Pub and gallery.