Day 1 - Arrival in Marsh Harbour


December 7- I flew into Marsh Harbour from Florida in the late morning. Steve, who was flying in from California straight from his company holiday party, took the redeye and three flights later, arrived in the late afternoon.

 I had my elderly taxi driver stop off at Maxwell's grocery so I could pick up some initial provisions and told him that before being dropped at the boat, I needed to a make another stop for alcohol. He followed me around the store and when I was almost finished, he tapped me on the shoulder. He was standing there with a store employee offering me a choice of a green or a clear bottle of rubbing alcohol. I told him no, I wanted alcohol like vodka or beer and we all laughed. I had asked if there was anything he wanted and when I checked out, he had four pretty large packages of oatmeal cookies at the register ready to go.

 We met Terrace at the marina, and he jumped in to help when he noticed the driver was struggling on the stairs. Got my provisions and luggage to the boat and Steve arrived a few hours later. We had drinks at the Jib Room. Later that evening Steve made spaghetti for dinner on the boat and we got a good night's sleep at the dock. Weather has been rough here so our plan is to head across the Sea of Abaco to Hope Town tomorrow and let things settle down.