Ginny and Steve are a longtime happily married couple who have always felt a draw to the water, and began seriously boating when their children started to flee the nest. They love the whole experience — sun, water, gentle breezes, freedom, and adventure. They are thrilled to have Callisto — a beautiful, comfortable and fun boat residing in the beautiful northern Bahamas. They look forward to sharing all that Callisto and the crystal clear Caribbean waters have to offer to create the kind of great experiences they have been so fortunate to enjoy.

Ginny is a true beach girl. Loves the sun, the water, the beach, and warm-weather boating is a joy for her. After spending lots of time on the very windy, often cold waters of the San Francisco bay with husband Steve, the pleasures of being on waters warm enough to dive into bring another dimension to boating. She brings a very practical, common-sense perspective to spending time on a boat. What to eat, where to go, how to deal with water and electricity – these are all things that matter to many woman and Ginny can offer sound advice on these issues. As someone who cares about being showered and able to do her hair, who wants to be comfortable and safe, her level-headed view of how to approach a charter can help ensure realistic expectations and a wonderful time.

Steve is an avid sailor who first learned to sail on Barnegat Bay during summers spent with his Aunt Ellen and Uncle Henry, who were members of the Mantoloking Yacht Club. He has been building his sailing experience toward a captain’s license, and has his US Sailing Catamaran certification. Steve brings an adventurous spirit tempered by a healthy respect for safety, and has come to appreciate what Ginny and other passengers need to be happy and feel safe on a boat. Steve can offer useful and realistic guidance on staying in your comfort zone, and how to plan a vacation that nicely balances freedom and adventure with comfort and safety.

Steve and Ginny both encourage you to reach out with any questions—whether you wind up taking Callisto or another, they are happy to share any advice they have to ensure you have a great experience. The best world is one where a once-in-a-lifetime experience can be enjoyed again and again. You just might wind up buying a boat.  They did!